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A few examples of what others have to say about Steven:

"Steve and I met in high school in the 1960's and embarked upon our separate paths after graduation.

We re-connected about five years ago, about the time that I had begun writing a book about my life's journey. As fate would have it, Steve had developed a keen interest in writing, and considerable expertise in that enterprise. I discussed the book I was working on during one of our phone conversations, and I realized that Steve could be a great resource to me with editing and possibly even finding a publisher for my book. Steve and I discussed these possibilities, and we structured a mutually agreeable arrangement where Steve would read and edit my original manuscript in order to develop a more organized and polished product.

Steve undertook that task with enthusiasm and professionalism. I have been consistently impressed with the focus and dedication that he brought to my book project. I have to confess that after having completed the original manuscript, my interest in organizing and "fine tuning" of my book (which were sorely needed) had been lost.

Steve came to the rescue and provided the needed editing and organizing that were required in order to make the manuscript presentable to a commercial publishing house. He is now working as my representative in an attempt to secure the publication of my book. To this end, he is seeking a literary agent for me."

Harry H. Fox, Jr.
Real Estate Entrepreneur

"Steven Nesbit has brought a much needed spotlight to our organization through his writing.  His dedication to Olivia's House is such a gift. He volunteers his time as our public relations professional, and I can't imagine our mission without him! Every nonprofit should be so lucky!"

Leslie, Executive Director

"Steven was a pleasure to work with.  He responded to our needs in a prompt, professional manner.  His ability to write an extensive article for our agency with very little input from us was commendable.  He produced a quality promotional piece on a very short timeframe."

Debbie, Executive Director

"I needed a cover letter and my resume reworked and updated quickly.   Mr. Nesbit had it finished in less than two days. Since reposting my updated resume online I've had a dramatic increase in interest in a very short time. The quality of his work is outstanding, his insight is genius, and his fees are very reasonable.  The bottom line is that I got the results that I was looking for in my search for a senior level management position."

Brad, "Big Box Store" Manager

"Thank you for your guidance that helped me to complete my graduate Renaissance literature course. Your review of my papers included commentary on content and style, along with copyediting which resulted in better quality papers.  More importantly, your assistance improved the educational value of my study."

Teresa, History Teacher


Full references available upon request.