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Proofreading and Copy Editing

Proofreading and copy editingThere is a difference.

Proofreading means perfect. Proofreading consists of making everything grammatically correct, without care to whether or not the piece is effective at what it is suppose to do. If I proofread your work, you can be sure your periods, commas and colons are all in the right place, your capitalization is correct, and your piece is free of grammatical errors. Proofreading is a basic service, and every piece is double checked. 

However, proofreading by itself does not always make your piece more effective. If you are worried about the effectiveness of your piece in that it may be organized poorly and won't sell your products, get your message across, or may be confusing to readers, you will need editing services.

Copyediting is more complex. Copyeditors cut, rearrange, rewrite, rework and generally fix your copy. They make sure the copy is not only grammatically correct, but also effective at what it does. Copyediting makes sure that your piece is communicating, selling, informing, stirring emotions, and/or doing whatever else you intend it to do.

A good editor can interpret what you are attempting to accomplish. A good editor can tell how you want the reader to react. The way a piece flows and the way the thoughts and ideas are communicated can make the difference between sense and nonsense. Having a good editor is a necessary ingredient in the evolution of written material if any professionalism is to be attained.

Proofreading and Copy Editing Services

  • Level 1 - proofreading:  check spelling,  grammar,  mechanics, and punctuation
  • Level 2 - light editing: proofreading plus checks for redundancy, clarity, and usage
  • Level 3 - copy editing:  proofreading and standard editing plus consistent formatting, citations and reference list done correctly
  • Level 4 - substantial editing--all of the above plus reorganizing the document for clarity and flow, pointing out gaps in structure and the need to rewrite the entire piece.