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Nonfiction Writing ProjectsDo you have a special childhood memory that you think would make a good story?

Have you ever thought if only I was a better writer I could get published?

Do you work in a field that encourages professional development and / or career specific writing? 

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The Garikow Project

"Meeting Steve Nesbit was a fortuitous moment in my life and in the life of The Garikow Project. Steve brought order where there was chaos, organization where there was none and the gift of good language and inspiring words. His command of the English language is superb, and I am glad for his help in bringing the story of Ivan Garikow to the World. As a newly found friend and partner in this project, his good humor and keen sense of history help drive us to greater things. With many thanks for your expertise and advice."

Martin McDermott, Curator
Eurisko Art Foundation